The Prologue to the Prologue

So, let me start by writing about the purpose of my website. Unlike most author sites, this is not just a place to hold the obligatory ‘Books’ tab with links to buy all my stuff. That seems to be all that most author sites are, so I’m going to try a little something different. Okay, maybe I do still have a Books tab, but that’s not the main focus of my site (though if you feel like buying a book or two, I certainly wouldn’t stop you).

This is a website about how to be an author. The finer-tuned little details that I would have loved someone to tell me about, before I went through the headache of learning the hard way. I’ll also include some of the broader stuff, the ‘I want to write but don’t know how’ kind of thing, and by all means please feel free to contact me with any questions. There is little that I love more than helping a fellow writer on their way 🙂

Any advice I have to offer, I do not offer through being ‘qualified’. I do not have an English Degree (in fact, despised my English classes) nor any awards to speak of. I am not a full-time author, and work at a Healthfoods store to pay the bills. I’m just a guy, like anybody else. But writing is my passion in life, I have been at it for over twenty years, and even were I so accursed as to be a complete dullard, I can’t have gone for that length of time without picking up a few tips.

So, without further ado, let me end this Prologue to the Prologue, and begin my first real bit of advice (see next post).