Nillium Neems

Front Cover (Book 1)

Enter the world of Nillium Neems, a mental patient living in the Atrium Psychiatric Ward who is diagnosed with schizophrenia — or so they say anyways. Nil herself is not so sure. Can all of the creatures that she speaks to on a daily basis really be all in her head? Are the doctors that torment her night and day truly doing it for her own good? Or is she the only one who sees things as they actually are?

Nothing is what it seems in this pyscho-thriller, a book about conspiracy, self-discovery, and insanity, which will leave you guessing until the very end, and perhaps far beyond it…


Available on Amazon HERE

Nillium Neems and the Internet Killer

Front Cover (Book 2)

Life is finally looking up for Nillium Neems. Free from her imprisonment in a mental ward, attending college and at last starting to adjust to a normal life, her future is bright. Until a serial killer starts murdering people. The police baffled, with no evidence left behind, it seems to Nil that the killer is striking right out of the internet itself.

Knowing that the kind of ‘weird’ connected with the killer is right up her alley and that she is the only one who can stop it, Nil sets out to track him down. Unaware, that she herself is being tracked by a vengeful entity from her past…


Available on Amazon HERE

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