Plot or No Plot? Hmm

A few weeks ago, I came up with the brilliant idea of writing a short story for kindle. My gameplan being, that I could finish it within a week or two (a deadline I already… missed), sell it for 99 cents, and use it to promote my book series. To make it even easier on myself, I was going to make the entire story one long chase scene, which would require barely any plot.
And it worked! My story was easy to write, it read well, it was entertaining, and all seemed dandy in poet land (that’s where I live 🙂 ). Until I started adding a plot, that is…
I have an innate love of plot twists, so during the final confrontation scene that took place in the monsters lair, I suddenly felt the urge to add all of the plot that was missing from the rest of the story. Let me adlib a little here.
[Character walks into the room and sees a robed figure kneeling over a pile of bodies]
“Oh Noes!” she gasps. “It was you all along?”
“Bwa ha ha!” replies the person who has just been introduced for the first time in the plot. “It is I!”
Hands to her mouth in horror, heroine stumbles backwards.
“But… Why!?”
Lots and lots of dialogue ensues, revealing that the monster is an evil Native American herb spirit, and that the villainess can control it because she has a magic root thing. For reasons. Yeah, that’s what happenes when you randomly google Native American Myths.
So, quite literally since I was on the last chapter, I tripped at the finish line. My whole story fell apart since I was trying to cram a plot into the very end and have it all make sense with the rest of the story. Well that didn’t work.
Slightly put out, I gave myself a day or two to think things over, and then rewrote the story. But with a plot expertly woven in from the very beginning. Surely nothing could stop me. Or thus I thought. After the first thousand words, it soon became apparent to me that I would be able to use none of the old draft. Not only that, but that I had just changed the entire project.
It went from ‘enjoyable yet ultimately simply chase scene’ to ‘screwball version of a real myth crammed into modern day’. Which would have worked, mind you, but it would become a much more time-consuming project then initially planned. And a wholly different story in the process!
And now as I sit here, having safely removed any trace of a plot from my initial story and finding that it once again nears completion, I left to ponder. Is a plot always a good thing? Or sometimes, even if well done, does it just get in the way? Hmm.
Guess we’ll find out once I finish the second version of my story (with plot), and see which one sells better. It will be an experiment!
“Hey kids, which do you like better?”
Or something like that, ha ha. Welp, that about ends my random little writers rant. To plot or not to plot. That is the question!

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